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Upcycled Knit

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Upcycled Knit

At CTBT Studio, we incorporate sustainability efforts into everything we do. We also attempt to get you, the customer, involved by promoting different and unique sustainability efforts seasonally.


Because of the environmental waste and pollution caused by the knitwear industry, we believe that using upcycled knitwear is essential in our sustainability efforts as a brand.  Increasing demand worldwide for knitted fabrics has led to increasing waste production. The large use of toxic chemicals (over 1500 chemicals are used in knitting production), dyes, agents, softeners, etc. cause enormous air pollution and water pollution. Along with chemicals and water, energy is also consumed in huge amounts. Physical waste production is caused by the use of non-recyclable plastics and other materials in the packaging and transportation of the materials. 



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In the winter season, we drop new designs of beanies every two weeks. These beanies are made out of knitwear that individual people have donated to us. Then, we select the color, texture, and material carefully for each design and individual product. Finally, we double-clean the knit fabric and upcycle them into beanies. 

Our beanie designs are cool and unique. But more importantly, we are working to lead the way in rethinking how we think about the reusability of knitwear. Not just to create beanies, but all kinds of fashion wear.

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