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Organic Cotton

CTBT Textile

GOTS Certified 

There are two different types of cotton, organic and traditional. Organic cotton uses all natural seeds while traditional cotton requires seeds that are genetically modified to achieve higher quantities. Natural seeds reduce the amount of pests and pesticides surrounding cotton while preserving the soil surrounding the cotton. Organic cotton is 80% rain-fed using 1300 gallons less water than conventional cotton as well as produces 46% less C02 into the atmosphere. All around organic cotton is way better for the environment than traditional cotton is. It has many more benefits to our ecosystem while providing quality products for human consumption.  


The Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS is an international initiative put together by four environmental organizations to promote using organic materials for textile production. GOTS take input from each of their founding organizations in order to keep up the standards of organic material usage. The 100% organic cotton that we use at CTBT studio is GOTS certified and reliable as an ethically sourced material. 


Hangzhou, China


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