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Deadstock Fabric

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Deadstock Fabric

What is “deadstock fabric”? Deadstock fabric refers to the stock of such textiles that are unutilized and are destined to end up in landfills. Fashion brands, in general, tend to source more fabric than they actually need (considering 10% of the loss rate) while fabric mills also produce additional textiles for the same reason, insurance. Companies and mills want to ensure they will have enough and plentiful inventory to keep their business running. We have a major problem on our hands when it comes to fashion and our environment. The fashion industry can be very harmful to our environment but with the right tools we can fix these issues one step at a time. In order to make use of this deadstock fabric in a sustainable way people can purchase this fabric for a new purpose and give it a new life, but if not used it ends up where all the other wasteful and harmful fabrics go, polluting our environment little by little. 


CTBT Studio currently carries jeans and caps created out of deadstock fabric sourced through SwatchOn and fabric factories and designer brands in South Korea. The jeans are hand-printed and sewn by local artists in New York City. More categories of products will be released throughout the year in a variety of deadstock fabrics of vivid color and playful texture.


South Korea



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